Our Services


To determine a child’s strengths and needs, we offer comprehensive evaluations. Evaluations may include the following:

Standardized Testing

  • Sensory Processing
  • Fine and Gross Motor Proficiency
  • Visual Perceptual and Visual Motor Skills
  • Handwriting

Clinical Observations

Developmental History

Parent Consultation

Consultation with the Child’s Teacher or Team Members

Individual Occupational Therapy Services

Based on the evaluation findings, we create a specific treatment plan and prepare individualized therapy sessions to fit your child’s needs. Our therapists are skillful and creative in integrating the child’s strengths and interests during therapy sessions, which are designed to support each child as they develop new skills and improve on areas of difficulty. 

We also work closely with each family to provide the support they need, and value the importance of collaboration with teachers and other professionals. Parent training and consultations with the child’s team members is an integrated and essential part of a child’s ongoing occupational therapy services.


In addition to evaluations and individual therapy, we offer consultative services available to parents, teachers, schools, and other professionals.

School Partnerships

We partner with schools within the community by offering contracted school-based occupational therapy services.

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